Sunday, July 15, 2012


We busy busy girls have been out and about lately - summer holidaying of course, but you can always squeeze in a show or a workshop here and there! And so it was that Kitty & I found ourselves in Tampere last night, performing at the very friendly and cosy Teerenpeli pub, at our friend Olivia Rouge´s Teerenpeli Tease burlesque party, organized for the second time now. Pics or it didn´t happen? Well yea, here are some, taken by Tuomas Lairila. First of our feather fan duo number:
We also performed one solo routine each - here´s Kitty with her hot Cuban mambo:
... as well as me (Tink) with my "Beija-Flor" (hummingbird!) routine, rather on the new side, performed for the first time in May and now, as it is, for the first time in Tampere. :D
Should actually post pics from other bittyfied events as of late - there are quite a few! But purrrhaps we´ll make a separate post of them. Keep you waiting a little bit... ;) Kissy-kiss, <3 Tink

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