Sunday, August 28, 2011


After the well-deserved summer holidays it´s easy to notice autumn is coming nigh... suddenly there´s so much to do! Of course, we haven´t been resting only, seeing as we practiced the new group routine and made the clothes for it during July and August - and I can tell you it´s quite a lot to do, sometimes, painting five pairs of skeleton gloves for instance. That´s ten gloves for you, each of them painted twice... so yeah. Not only resting. ;)

However, come autumn, it´s time for photo shoots as well. You already saw the first group promo pics of us by Emma Jo, posing as wild and fierce jungle kitties, but I´ve been busy elsewhere as well. Here are some results from a photo shoot with Adam Monaghan that I was doing last week, mainly foot modeling but some portraits as well, here you go, I like the results a lot myself:

Adam is a skilled photographer who´s comfortable and easy to work with and we always end up having a lot of fun. He occasionally shoots at burlesque clubs as well, mostly b&w. I do think that my nice brand new red heels deserved the colour attention in these pics though. ;)


Jim said...

Or, of course, he could just be a foot-fetishist. And more power to him. ;)

Tinker Bell said...

I´ve never asked the man, but I have nothing against foot fetishists - feet are nice. And so are toes, and shoes. :D