Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Over the Ocean

Next weekend the Itty-Bitties will be taking their fancy purple sailboat and traveling across the ocean! (Yeah right... actually we'll take the normal Helsinki-Stockholm cruise ship where you can sleep in bunk beds and buy tax-free booze.) We'll be performing at the Stockholm Burlesque Festival! We are performing on Friday 29th. There are loads of performes, but they have saved the best for the last, us! Hopefully we'll have time to see some of the other performers in their shimmy-twirly-shake-action, not just in the backstage.

After the Bittyfest

The Bittyfest was a succes! The event was sold out and everthing went really well. The audience was really nice, thank you all who attended! After the fest we have been taking it easy for one week, but now we're back in action.

Here's Vera and Lola, picture from the Bittyfest by Laura Kansanen-Stavale.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The lovely, soft, comfy bitty-shirts have arrived and we have a box full of them at Bittycave, ready to be shipped out to whomever wants one - or many! They come in lady fit and unisex fit so have your pick, but be quick (ha- that rhymes. Accidental poems rule.), there are not too many of them. We´ll be selling them at Bittyfest next week´s Saturn-day, so if you´re coming and want to be certain of getting your shirt you can of course comment here and make reservations. You can also get them at Kallion Suutari on Fleminginkatu! And we´ll of course mail them out to you if you wish. The price is 13 € plus postage to wherever you´re currently residing.

The ladies fit, seen as below:

And here´s the unisex/men´s fit:

Saturday, October 9, 2010


We have been practising a lot lately for the world's first Bittyfest! The Universal Premiere of the Bittyfest is next Saturday 16.10, and we are slightly nervous, but mostly very, very exited. At the festival the Bitties are timetraveling from the stone age to the future, from Africa to the Moon! We got some old numbers as well as brand new ones, some solos as well as group numbers. You'll also Laura Kansanen-Stavale's and Rik Stavale's burlesque themed photo exhibition during the break!

You can get the tickets to the event from Tiketti.

The event takes place at the small and cozy Kokoteatteri theater.

We were lucky to get the gorgeous Bettie Blackheart to host the show!