Thursday, July 26, 2012


Here's some pre-taste from last Sundays photoshoot session with Asko Rantanen. All photos were taken by our Kitty Litter.

Results to be published later, stay tuned! ;)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Vera, Tink, Kitty and I hopped on stage at L-World: Pin Up!, a club event arranged as part of Helsinki Pride week. Here are some pics, take a look!

The first ones are by Ömer Acar...

 ...and these by Tuula Ylikorpi


Sunday, July 15, 2012


We busy busy girls have been out and about lately - summer holidaying of course, but you can always squeeze in a show or a workshop here and there! And so it was that Kitty & I found ourselves in Tampere last night, performing at the very friendly and cosy Teerenpeli pub, at our friend Olivia Rouge´s Teerenpeli Tease burlesque party, organized for the second time now. Pics or it didn´t happen? Well yea, here are some, taken by Tuomas Lairila. First of our feather fan duo number:
We also performed one solo routine each - here´s Kitty with her hot Cuban mambo:
... as well as me (Tink) with my "Beija-Flor" (hummingbird!) routine, rather on the new side, performed for the first time in May and now, as it is, for the first time in Tampere. :D
Should actually post pics from other bittyfied events as of late - there are quite a few! But purrrhaps we´ll make a separate post of them. Keep you waiting a little bit... ;) Kissy-kiss, <3 Tink

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


During next two months the Bitties will take over Tampere! This weekend Kitty Litter and Tinker Bell will be performing at Teerenpeli Tease (an event oraginized by lovely Miss Olivia Rouge btw!) and later in August Vera de Vil will join them for Burlesque Cocktail vol.5! . Busybusybusy!