Friday, January 27, 2012


It´s going to be a busy busy traveling spring for the Bitties! Next weekend Kitty & Tinker will be taking over Lappland with the sassy and lovely duo Holy Curves - one hell of a roadtrip, that; you should expect pictures and wild stories (we hope to catch some Northern Lights!) -

... and in March it´s time for the whole troupe to pack their whole gypsy camp (it does slightly remind one of a traveling circus at times, I tell you) and travel all the way to Milan, Italy, to Milan Burlesque Awards where we will be performing as special guests! In the company of Angie Pontani and others, so yeah, safe to say we´re stoked. ♥ Many other amazing performers there, too, such as the aforementioned Finnish beauties Holy Curves, as well as Natsumi Scarlett (we shared the stage with her last autumn, she´s such a doll, skilled and talented and genuinely friendly and sweet, perfect backstage company!), Bettie Bottom Dollar (who´ll be joining us here in the snowy cold North at the Helsinki Burlesque Festival in February!), the Swedish beauty Fräulein Frauke, and many many others.

And in May we will be traveling to Malmö, Sweden, to perform at the Carnevalesque club... more about that later though!

Busy busy bees we are. Bitty-bees. The bitty-bees in your bonnet, n´est-ce pas, hmm? ;) ♥

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