Friday, November 11, 2011


It´s getting closer and closer - the 5th annual Helsinki Burlesque Festival!

And The Itty-Bitties will be there on that lovely Gloria stage again as well! With *drum roll* a brand new group number, claws and paws crossed, inshallah...! :) And do have a look at what sort of company we´re keeping; you might have heard the names of, say, Miss Indigo Blue (hint: The Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2011), Scotty The Blue Bunny, Erochica Bamboo or Satan´s Angel. Yes yes. And the Finnish performers are all very well represented as well. This is, simply put, a two-day party that you would not want to miss for anything. So you better not! I give you the straight link to the Tiketti homepage so you can get your tickets immediately. ;)

Here´s how it looked last year, on backstage right before our wild tiger-hunting routine - picture courtesy of the one and only Princess Farhana of Hollywood!

And then we went on the stage...

(picture by Laura Kansanen-Stavale)

So. Something to expect, right? Maybe even something to give (or get!) as a Xmas/Yule/whatever-holiday-you´re-celebrating present? ;)

I know you´re eager for your regular dose of burlesque in the meantime as well, so here´s another option: New Comers´ Night 2011 with a whole lot of brand new burlesque freshmen, eager to try their wings! We´ll be there cheering them on, so should you! Some of the performer names on that list might already be familiar to some of you... ;)

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Raisie said...

Amazing costumes you were able to recreate those! You deserve a high five! =)