Friday, July 15, 2011


OH WE´VE BEEN SO QUIET! But that´s going to change, and maybe in the summer you´re actually allowed, if not entitled to, to taking some time off and gathering strength from the sun and the fresh air to last through the dark moons... but we´re not there yet. Just wanted to pop by and tell you that there´s actually a whole lot bubbling under the surface and you´ll see and hear of it soon enough. A new group routine coming on for example, we´ve been busy practising for the next Kokonut Kult (it´s on 25th August, and you should all come.)! And yesterday we had a photo shoot for new promo pics which you´ll see here in no time at all. So bear with us, we´ll be back soon with all sorts of this-and-that. Promise. ♥

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