Sunday, January 2, 2011


Just a tiny little bit more than a month to go until the fourth annual Helsinki Burlesque Festival!

And the second one with Itty-Bitties performing. Yes, we were there in 2009 and now we´ll be there again, shimmying our way into your hearts on the stage of Gloria. It´s one hell of a line-up this year as you can see! You´re treated to shows by Princess Farhana of Hollywood - Alotta Boutté - Trixie Little & The Evil Hate Monkey - Cherry Typhoon - Kitten on the Keys - Miss Astrid - Mimi Le Meaux - Lucky Penny - Velma Voluptuous - Virginia Valentine and AlexiXXXCarpentieri! And those are just the guests from far away lands - our Finnish line-up is equally impressive. You´ll see Bettie Blackheart, Kiki Hawaiji, LouLou D´Vil, Welma Jackpot, the fantastic all-boylesque group HellMonty, aerial acrobatics by The Silk Sisters and rather exciting pick-up show by Helsinki Womens´ Society. There´s music by Asta Share, swingin´ tunes played by DJ´s Fiona Timantti, Pussy Power and Miroslove Satan, Pin-Up-O-Matic by Black Peider; warm-up clubs, art shows by Kerttu Malinen and Adam Monaghan, and workshops by Princess Farhana, Cherry Typhoon and Trixie Little & The Evil Hate Monkey. Whew! Takes my breath away by even listing all of this.

AND THERE ARE STILL TICKETS LEFT! In contrary to "the word on the streets". Yes there are tickets, and if you haven´t got yours by now, then hurry, because seriously this is The Party you don´t want to miss.

And as for us, we´ll treat you with three brand new routines, seen nowhere before...

So buy that ticket and start preparing your dress for the party of the year! I can tell you that we are definitely busy with our preparations. For your pleasure only, darlings. Happy New Year!

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