Monday, November 1, 2010


We had fun at the Stockholm Burlesque festival! We decided to take knuckle tattoos to commemorate this historical event: IBTC 4EVA for everyone of us. Well, not really since we're bunch of sissies, it's just magic marker this time. 4/5 of us Bitties have tattoos, so who knows if someone of us will actually take a IBTC tattoo someday?

The event was held at Berns Salonger, and the place was very beautiful with stunning chandeliers and fancy gold ornaments and creepy old dudes painted in the walls. We didn't see all of the performances, but some of them at least! Miss Indigo Blue twirled like crazy, and Velma Voluptous looked gorgeus and sang amazingly. We also liked a lot the opening performance by Ivoncita and Her Matadores De Amor. They had a catchy song, a good coreography and they seemed to have fun Thanks for The Amazing Knicker Kittens Burlesque Revue for organizing this event, hope it's the first of many!

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