Saturday, August 28, 2010


Burlesque workshops seem to be the desire and the demand of people these days, so us Bitties gladly obey and keep ourselves busy not only by performances, but also by arranging burlesque workshops for beginners. The spring and summer of 2010 have been especially busy workshop-wise; mostly it´s hen nights, with bunches of giddy girls happy to learn the noble art of shimmying and shaking, but we´re especially proud to announce that our first long (around 10 lessons!) burlesque beginners´ course is about to start in late October! The course was full in no time and we´re sooo thrilled and excited about planning it at the moment. If it´s a success there may very well be something similar in spring - but let´s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. ;)

However, in the meantime and on demand, we´ll keep on doing these short workshops as well. Today I ventured to Kotka, a nice-seeming town some 130 km east of Helsinki, to hold a workshop for some fifteen lovely ladies. And oh, we had such fun.

Just behold my shining pupils, all decked out and striking a pose! Aren´t they the cutest.

We had the luxury to dance in a theatre location this time, but the workshops work fairly well in your average living room, too. And the longer course will be held at our lovely pink-walled Bittycave, the headquarters of everything bittylicious and glittery. Feel free to contact us if you´d like to try your wings at the secrets of bump´n´grind!

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